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  • City of Stirling

    News Posted: 12 December 2016

    A special thank you to the City of Stirling for their support and understanding. image1 Read More

  • AGM Outcome

    News Posted: 15 September 2016

    240_f_90046622_ndusvkhoqf56jjs1zwqscnjiqq0ev7g8 On Sunday the Nollamar

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  • Thank You – Austral Bricks

    News Posted: 8 August 2016


  • ANZAC Day Sponsors

    News Posted: 18 May 2016


  • April Holiday Carnivale

    News Posted: 21 March 2016


  • Accommodation For ANZAC Day & State Congress 2016

    News Posted: 28 February 2016

    The Seasons Apartment Hotel Group have offered great rates during the ANZAC and the State Congress periods. ANZAC DAY SPECIAL RATES 24-25 April 2016 : $140 per room STATE CONGRESS DAY SPECIAL RATES 17-18 June 2016 : $140 per room When booking accommodation pl

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  • 100th State Congress

    News Posted: 28 February 2016

    Time To Think About...

    State Congress Agenda Items (Motions)
    • Agenda Items (Motions) are to be received by State Headquarters no later than 4pm Friday 6th May 2016. Please note: late Agenda Items cannot be accepted.
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  • From the President’s Pen

    News Posted: 16 February 2016

    Relief for Fire Victims It is a great credit to the trustees of the WA Aged Sailors, Soldiers and Airmen's Relief Fund Trust that they responded so promptly to the needs of the veterans caught in the devistating Yarloop bushfires. While no money can compensate for

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  • ANZAC Day 2016 Jeeps and Vehicles

    News Posted: 16 February 2016

    Veterans requiring seats on vehicles for this years ANZAC parade or wish to take advantage of the buses from Langley Park to the vehicle assembly area, are requested to contact Mr Bob Wise, Military Section of the VCC(WA) on 0422 064 453 Email: to reserve a seat.

  • APP Chosen for RSLWA HQ project

    News Posted: 16 February 2016

    A company with global experience has been selected to prepare a business case for the redevelopment of ANZAC House, headquarters of RSLWA The business case, once completed, will go to the State Government for approval and formalisation of the transfer of the freehold

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